Saturday, 7 July 2012

Review: DX Guard Chaser

Guard Chaser 1st appearance on "Masked Rider Agito" series

DX Guard Chaser
DX Guard Chaser, released back on 2002 when Masked Rider Agito was airing. This bike belongs to G3 and G3-X. It comes with a lot of store G3 and G3-X equipments.

The Packaging

Front Packaging

Rear Packaging

View from the right side

View from the left side

Front Right Close-Up

Front Left Close-Up

Head Front View

Head Side View


View from the top side

Engine Right Close-up

Engine Left Close-up

Front Wheel View

Front Compartment

Rear Wheel View

Rear View

Top Rear View

Rear View

Rear Compartment

All Compartment Open

Guard Chaser and G3

Guard Chaser - Machine Tornado - Gills Raider

I will give this item  9.5 out of 10. As the predecessor of the SHF EX Guard Chaser this figure is quite cool. It's the same mold as the current SHF EX line. It comes with a lot of compartments. Figure was made on year 2002 for Sochaku Henshin Series Figures. This bike is the heaviest from all the bike that are released for Sochaku Hensin Series or SHFiguarts line. I suggest to all the collector who missed out the SHF EX Guard Chaser, you can consider to get this. Enjoy~~


  1. tambahin dong foto jejer ma yg SHF EX nya..
    hehe.. :D

    1. haha uda ga punya yg SHF EX da pada dijual2in
      sisa nyg DX aja :D


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