Friday, 29 June 2012

Review: S.H.Figuarts EX Machine Massigler

Machine Massigler 1st appearance on "Masked Rider Fourze" series

Machine Massigler
Machine Massigler is Kamen Rider Fourze bike. The bike is desigend in such a way like a space shuttle. In the series, the bike can be launched to the space using Powerdizer as the launcher pad.

The Packaging

View from the right side

View from the left side



Head - Front View

Head - Side View

Head - Dashboard

From the top

Front Wheel

Engine Detail

Rear View

Rear Wheel

Tail - Rear View


Uchu Kittaa~

"To The Space"

Fourze + Flash Module

I will give this item  7.9 out of 10. I'm quite disappointed with this figure, the details is nice compare to the dx version but there is no die-cast part. I'm expecting this bike will have the same material like Gills Raider, or Battle hopper but is not. The good thing is the paint is nice and details. Comes with additional Kamen Rider Fourze Flash module. Enjoy~~

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