Thursday, 3 May 2012

Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman LEO

Ultraman Leo 1st appearances is on the "Ultraman Leo" TV series.

Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Leo come from L77 (Leo Constellation). He come to earth to help Ultra Seven to fight the kaiju. This is an interesting figure, is not part of the main ultra brother (Ultraman, Seven, Zoffy, Jack, Ace and Taro) but he has Astra as his brother.

The Packaging



The Body

Arm and the Bracelet


Leo Punch!!!

Leo Kick!!!

I will give this item  8.5 out of 10. Not Only Dyna but LEO also can stand with one foot!
Quite a nice figure. far better than Seven. Ankle come with a joint instead of only a ball joint like previous release. Comes with quite a lot of accessories. If you are the Showa Ultraman Fans, you should get this figure no matter what!! Enjoy~~

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