Friday, 13 April 2012

Review: Ultra-Act Ultra Seven

Ultra Seven 1st appearance is on "Ultra Seven" series

Ultra Seven
Ultra Seven also called "Ultraman Seven", is the second ultraman series after Ultraman (Hayata). The designg itself is totally different from the previous ultraman, with an armor chest and without indicator for the limit of ultraman's power or time constraint (the small blue button in the common ultraman chest). But Ultra Seven has an indicator (Beam Lamp) on his fore head to show the time constraint or the limit of ultraman's power. Ultra seven is also the first ultraman with an extra weapon like a crest. In the "Ultra Galaxy Legend" the movie, it's appear that Ultra Seven is the father of Ultraman Zero.

Outer Package - Front View Outer Package - Rear View

Inner Package

Out Of Box


Head withouth the crest

Chest Armor




"Emerium Beam"

"Emerium Beam"

"Wide Shot" - Side View

"Wide Shot" - Rear View

"Wide Shot" - Front View

"Eye Slugger"

I will give this item  7.75 out of 10. Quite a lot of improvement compare to the first Utra-act Ultraman (Hayata) and a lot of accessories. No diecast foot, paint job quality just ok, and no loose join. You can consider to get this if you are collecting the Ultra-act line especially the "Ultra Brothers". Enjoy~~

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