Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review: S.H.Figuarts EX Machine Decader

Machine Decader 1st appearance on "Kamen Rider Decade" series

EX Machine Decader
S.H.Figuarts EX Machine Decader is a great bike figure. It comes with quite a lot of details, however this bike is lighter than DX Machine tornador and there is no diecast part.

The Head light

View from the side + accessories

View from the side

Front Close-Up

Another Close-Up

Machine Close-up

Front Wheel

Rear View

Rear View

Rear Lights

Rear View with Decade Logo

Side View

Since I don't have SHF Decade with me now, so I use SHF Kuuga Pegasus Form to role-play as Decaedo :p

I will give this item  8.0 out of 10. You can consider to get this if you are collecting Kamen Rider Decade line. Enjoy~~

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