Saturday, 10 March 2012

Review: DX Machine Tornado

Machine Tornado 1st appearance on "Kamen Rider Agito" series

DX Machine Tornado
Dx "Machine Tornader" (machine tornado) is the predecessor of the current SHF EX Machine Tornado. Bandai re-use the same mold with a bit of modification and repackage it under SHF Line. DX Machine Tornado can transform from the flying mode into a bike mode.

The Head light

View from the side

View from the top

Front Close-Up

Rear Close-Up


Transformation Complete

Bike Mode

Front Wheel

Front View

View from top

Rear View

Since I don't have SHF Agito with me now, so I use SHF Kuuga Pegasus Form to role-play as Agito :p

I will give this item  9.0 out of 10. As the predecessor of the SHF EX Machine Tornado this figure is quite cool and can be transformed into two mode. Figure was made on year 2001 and it already have such a cool transformation system. I suggest to all the collector who missed out the SHF EX Machine Tornado, you can consider to get this. Enjoy~~

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