Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review: S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Verde

Verde 1st appearances is on "Kamen Rider Ryuki" series.

Kamen Rider Verde's forte in combat is deception. He has two cards which allow him to play illusions on his targets, deceiving them before attacking them. In addition, he does not rely on face - to - face combat, preferring to strike where they are vulnerable. However, Verde is physically weaker than the rest of the Riders because of this strategy.
Verde's primary Weapon is the Bio-Winder, a type of whip which Verde uses to constrict his enemies. He primarily relies on his Clear Vent, which makes him invisible, and the Copy Vent, which allows him to assume the apperance and weapon of a Rider. His Final Vent is Death Punish, where Biogreeza wraps his extended tongue around Verde's legs and swings him towards his opponent where Verde grabs the opponent and slams his opponent head first into the ground (source).

The Packaging

Front ViewRear View

Side ViewSide View


Front Armor ViewRear Armor View

Right Armor ViewLeft Armor View



I will give this item  8.0 out of 10. As usual it's a nice figure, but it will cost you a bomb since is a tamashii shop exclusive. I will recommend you to hunt this figure in order to complete your ryuki's S.H.Figuarts line. if you can't get it, the alternative option is to get Figma dragon knight Camo. Enjoy~~

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