Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review: S.H.Figuarts Iron Man 2 - War Machine

War Machine 1st appeared in Iron Man #118 (January 1979).

War Machine
In Iron Man 2, Terence Howard is replaced by Don Cheadle as James Rhodes. During Tony's possible last birthday party before his death, Tony becomes extremely reckless at the thought of his little number of days left. Rhodes dons the Mark II, which he hinted towards wanting to wear it in Iron Man. After stopping Tony, James brings the armor to the US Military, who want to have it to use as a weapon. Justin Hammer upgrades the suit and finally, at Hammer Expo, shows the upgraded Mark II, dubbed the War Machine, along with drones with the Iron Man design. Ivan Vanko takes control of the armor and drones and uses them to attack Stark. After that, Black Widow breaks into Hammer Industries and releases Rhodes from control by Ivan. Iron Man and War Machine then work together and defeat the drones and a superpowered Ivan Vanko. (source)

The Packaging

Front ViewRear View

Side ViewSide View


Front Armor ViewRear Armor View

Right Armor ViewLeft Armor View

Hand Gun

Foot - This time it come with diecast and give the figure more stability in  posing. 

Some detailing for the booster.


Comparison with Ultra-act and S.H.Figuarts
War Machine - Iron Man MK-VI

I will give this item  9.5 out of 10. Love the colour, love the details and the decals. Diecast foot that makes this figure heavy. A lot of accessories, better pose-ability and taller than normal S.H.Figuarts. Bandai only will make a great figure every time they want to steal the market share from other competitor. As we have known that Hasbro and Revoltech have come out first with their own 6" Iron Man figures.  I will highly recommend this figure! for those who love Iron Man, don't miss this out!!!Cheers~~

Iron Man Review coming soon!! For those who wants to see the review can visit my friend's blog


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