Sunday, 17 March 2013

Review: S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Wizard - Flame Style

Wizard - Flame Style 1st appearances is on "Kamen Rider Wizard" series.

Wizard - Flame Style
Kamen Rider Wizard is the rider for 2013. For the first time I like the design for non-insect rider. The concept of the design is a magician rider who can perform magic to fight the monster. As for Flame Style the main power is fire and comes with red in color.

The Packaging

The 1st Release Bonus

Front ViewRear View

Side ViewSide View


Front Armor ViewRear Armor View

Right Armor ViewLeft Armor View

LegsMagic Ring


Wizard + The 1st Release Bonus

I will give this item  7.5 out of 10. At first I'm quite happy because after so long finally SHFiguarts figure comes with a lot of accessories and 1st release bonus but the disappointment comes when I have unbox it. This figure totally is out of the proportion. The head looks bigger than the body and overall looks bulky and short (apparently it's because of the robe). Not to mention also that the left leg is shorter than the right leg and the left ankle for mine is also loose so I've used clear nail polish to make it tighter. So before I do this review, I've found a way to modify the figure (extension on the waist and neck to make this figure looks better using Blu-Tack). Hope you all enjoy! Cheers~~

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