Sunday, 28 October 2012

Review: S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Ixa

Hello, dejivruR™ is in da house, this is my first collaboration review with TenToyGallery™. my first collaboration review with TenToyGallery™ is... the white knight... MASKED RIDER IXA. MASKED RIDER IXA is the secondary rider that appears in the 2008 kamen rider franchise, kamen rider kiva. and have the concept of "white knight", "Templar", or "crusader" with his tagline "return that life to GOD". Enough with that... SHFiguarts MASKED RIDER IXA is by far the best that has appeared in kamen rider Kiva SHF line-up since it is by far better than Kiva Emperor or Dark kiva in terms of pose ability and solidness.

Unlike it's 2 predecessors, IXA has this solid diecast feet, and the thigh joints are similar to those of G4, G3, G3X which even if it gets loose, it doesn't render the figuarts' pose ability, which made it really really worthy of buying. Aside of that the paint jobs are great, not even a miss, and by far have the best gold paint job of other figuarts. The sculpt is really perfect with a fantastic array of accessories which enhances both playability and pose ability, instantly rises the fun factor!! to be frank, i'd say SHFiguarts IXA really deserves the 10/10 perfect score from me... that's all from me... see ya in another collaboration review by dejivruR™ & TenToyGallery™!! dejivruR™... over & out!!

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