Monday, 27 August 2012

Review: S.H.Figuarts Tiger&Bunny Wild Tiger "1 Minute"

Wild Tiger 1 Minute 1st appearances is on the Tiger&Bunny TV series.

Wild Tiger 1 Minutes
Wild Tiger is a hero name by Kotetsu T. Kaburagi who is wearing suit developed by Saito. The main sponsor for this suit is under the Apollon Media with a big SoftBank Logo in the chest armor. This suite also equipped with a "Good Luck Mode" Punch feature as a signature feature from the Wild Tiger suit. When Tiger power is reduce to 1 minute, he retires from the first league and joint the smaller league where bunny also following him as his partner. This 1 minute figure never come with the "Good Luck Mode" Punch gimmick. 

The Packaging

Front ViewRear View

Side ViewSide View

Rear Armor View



I will give this item  8.5 out of 10. Nice paint job, comes with a lot of details silver lining for the optional hand and with a sling shot gimmick. Highly recommended! for those who wanted to collect figures from Tiger & Bunny, please don't forget to get this main character "Wild Tiger". Cheers~~


  1. feels like a ripoff... this kind of tiger... rips away yo moneeeeeeyyyyy

    1. Not really, you still can get this version for the optional hands :)


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