Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: SHS EX Battle Hopper and Acrobattar

Battle Hopper and Acrobattar 1st appearance on "Masked Rider Black and Black RX" series

SHS EX Battle Hopper and Acrobattar
Souchaku Henshin Series(SHS) EX Battle Hopper and Acrobattar (some might called it "Acrobatter") package is released in 2006 when SHS Masked(Kamen) Rider was popular by that time. This package come with an naked bike body and two bike bodies(Battle Hopper and Acrobattar). In fact this two bike actually shared same inner structure. This bike is the predecessor of the current SHF EX Battle Hopper and Acrobattar. Bandai re-use the same mold with a bit of modification and repackage it under SHF Line (an improvement from SHS line). This bike also comes with a lot of die-cast Part which make it looks quite nice.

The Packaging

View from the right

View from the left

Right Close-Up

Left Close-Up

Top View

Head Light

Head Light - Side View

Head Light - Top View

With Battle Hopper Body Part

With Acrobattar Body Part

I will give this item  8.7 out of 10. You just need to buy this package in order to get 2 different figures. Price wise is cheaper than the SHF EX version. I suggest to all the collector who missed out the SHF EX Battle Hopper and Acrobattar, you can consider to get this. Enjoy~~

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