Friday, 20 January 2012

Review: Ultra-Act Ultraman Jean-Bot

Jean-Bot 1st appearances is on the Ultraman Zero movie: "ウルトラマンゼロ THE MOVIE 超決戦!ベリアル銀河帝国 "

Jean-Bot is  is sentient machine spacecraft that carry a princess. But when it was on a pinched, the princess sacrifice herself and run into the power chamber in order to give Jean-Bot power. This power transform Jean-Bot from the spacecraft into robot mode (basically is not an Ultraman, only a robot that can transform). He is 1 of the "Ultimate Force Zero" member.

The packagingComparison with Ultra-Act Gaia Box
Basically Ultra-Act Jean-Bot packaging is thicker and heavier than the rest because of the size of the figure itself and it comes with a lot of diecast.

Inside packaging
This figure comes with a pair of optional hand to grab on the halberd, a shoulder armor part which cannot be transformed and combine into a halberd, effect part for the "Jean Knuckle", a halberd, and an effect part for "Beam Esmerald".

Front View

Head Close up
This figure is painted well compare to the other ultra act that lack of QC. The head sculpt also looks very details like in the show.

Here are some highlights on the diecast joint:
Joint on the armOn the foot area
The entire foot is diecast :)
This figure is 3x heavier than the normal ultra act. The entire foot itself is all made of diecast and it's increase the figure stability. As you can see from the photo above, there are some scratches from the diecast part. Is not a factory defect but after posing the figure several times i have this scratches. Only the paint is drop off from. So please be careful when you want to make a pose or don't play too much with it or your figure will have the same issue like me in the future :(

For the size comparison, you see jean-bot is taller than gaia and the body bulkier than gaia too.
Front Comparison Side by side comparison

Some Extra Gimmick
"Jean Knuckle"

Jean-Bot and the weapon

"Beam Esmerald" (looks a like with the Aegis Gundam beam saber)
I will give this figure 8.5 out of 10 because to me jean-bot is far better than the previous ultra act release in term of the material, QC and paint. So grab this figure from your local toy store NOW!


  1. Nice reviews,but can you do more poses,Jean-Bot looks cool with his axe XD

    1. ok will do that :)
      thank you for comment spiketom994

  2. setelah pegang sendiri ini figure..
    beneran, keren mampus.. >_<
    saking kerennya itu kaki dicast, selangkangannya agak kurang kuat nahannya ya..?

    1. ho oh sampe kendor punya gw gara2 keberatan


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